Golden Beauty Slot Review - RTP 96.44% (Pragmatic Play) 

Golden Beauty Slot.jpg

After seeing their slot Mysterious only lately, Pragmatic Play's future release was met with considerable anticipation. Players were treated to a brand-new Pragmatic experience in Mysterious, which was fun and bizarre. It increased anticipation for the sequel.

What will their forthcoming time slot entail? Which ride are they going to make us ride next? When the Golden Beauty slot dropped, it didn't take long for them to understand they were back in familiar ground. Pragmatic returns to their famous Asian theme with Golden Beauty, incorporating gameplay components and features that were pulled directly from a previous slot.

A Review of Golden Beauty Slot

Mysterious was an exception, as it becomes clear when the Golden Beauty slot has loaded. A 5 reel, 4 row grid with 75 paylines and a classic Pragmatic user interface welcome players. A few of the elements, like the counter above the reels, which is a part of the Progressive feature, which we'll look at in a moment, are intriguing.

While visually appealing, it does resemble other Asian-themed slot online. A traditional Chinese town with floating lanterns and tiled roofs that slope up at the corners can be seen in the distance. The soundtrack is appropriately foreign and completes the Eastern setting.

1. RTP and Volatility

This game offers a wider than average variety of bets, from 25% to £/€250 each spin. A default RTP of 96.44% (which can, however, be adjusted by the operators) and a relatively high volatility rating of 4.5/5, together with a wide range of stake options, will please players.

2. Game Symbols

The authors selected brushstroke, calligraphy, and looked for an additional flourish when it came to the low-paid 10-A royals. The high pays further highlight the point with the use of a Chinese lute, a golden comb, a gem, something else golden that like a bookmark, and a pot of gold.

The term "Golden Beauty" must have been coined as a result of either the premium logo, which depicts a young woman, or the abundance of gold pictures.

Only two of this premium symbol's sort are needed to fill an entire reel when it appears in 1x4 size. Although she is the most valuable symbol in the game, she only pays out 2.8 times the bet for a line of five. That indicates horrible things are coming. Constant use of the Progressive feature helps offset low symbol values, but not totally.

3. Bonus Features

To discourage players from using strategy and intelligence, if the stake is changed in the middle of a 10-spin cycle, the counter is reset to 1 and any frames are erased from the reels. However, progress is saved each time a bet level is employed. In other words, the spins and frames will be restored to their prior state if the previous bet amount is used.

The second feature, a round of free spins, will start when you successfully land a minimum of three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. However, you'll be given a choice between three options prior to the start of the extra round, letting you essentially choose how volatile the feature will be.

The Conclusion

Although the game has some unexpected twists, Golden Beauty is strange because it is a copycat. If you've ever played Quick Hits slots free coins, then Golden Beauty will seem strangely familiar. 

They share the same characteristics despite having various themes and historical settings. Both games employ the same set of 10 spins, full reel premium, and free spins rules and choices. Imagine the collective sigh of relief heard at Pragmatic when the concept for the Golden Beauty slot machine was announced.